Internships FAQ

Where can I find internships?

Announcements about upcoming internships will be sent out through the undergraduate listserv.  Generally, those Anthropology students who are interested in Internship opportunities are encouraged to find those opportunities on their own.  A number of resources can be found at internship fairs, in the Career Center in Mary Gates Hall, or at the Career Center’s internship website:  A sampling of previous student internships can also be found in the Undergraduate Advising Office.


Can I earn credit for my internship?

Yes!  Your internship can be listed on your schedule as either ANTH 489 (Anthropology Practicum) or ARCHY 489 (Archaeology Practicum).  The course may be taken for anywhere from 2 to 9 credits, up to a maximum of 15 credits overall.  The number of credits is generally dependent on the number of hours, per week, you spend working at your internship.  For example, working for 15 hours a week may translate to 5 credits per quarter.

Additionally, you must be registered for ANTH/ARCHY 489 the same quarter you are working your internship.  You may not take it in advance of an upcoming internship, or to gain retroactive credits for a previous internship.


How do I register for ANTH/ARCHY 489?

Registration will have to be arranged with a faculty mentor who will oversee your internship.  The faculty mentor must be part of the Anthropology department.  You’ll need to fill out an internship learning contract (available at the advising office) and get your mentor’s signature.  This form is then returned to the advising office and you register for the course using the 5-digit faculty ID number of your mentor as an add code.


What sorts of places can I work with for my internship?

The types of internships are broad and varied, but are generally dependent on whether you plan to do an Anthropology Internship or an Archaeology Internship.  If you are registering for ANTH 489, then your focus will be on organizations that will allow you to use your anthropological skills in a nonacademic setting.  Examples include (but are not limited to) museums, academic journals, social service/governmental agencies, or private nonprofit agencies.

Those registering for ARCHY 489 should keep an eye out for organizations that will utilize their archaeological skills in an academic or non-academic setting.  This can include cultural resource management companies, government agencies, private nonprofits, tribal governments, and museums.


What sort of work will be expected of me?

The specifics of your work will be arranged between you and your faculty mentor, as well as between you and your employer.  The academic credit you receive will be based on your academic work, and is not automatically awarded simply by having an internship.  Possible requirements may be an academic paper detailing some aspect of your internship or even a daily log of the tasks you’ve accomplished during your internship.


Will ANTH/ARCHY 489 fulfill any of my ANTH requirements?

ANTH/ARCHY 489 will count towards your Anthropology Elective requirements.  They will also count towards the 180 UW credits required for graduation.


Can I take either ANTH 489 or ARCHY 489 multiple times?

You can, but only up to a maximum of 15 credits.  For example, you can take 5 credits of 489 in Autumn Quarter, another 5 in Winter Quarter, and 5 more in Spring Quarter, but no more will be added after that.  Additionally, since they are separate courses, you are allowed to count up to 15 credits of ANTH 489 and then also count up to 15 credits of ARCHY 489.  You simply have to make certain that your internship is applicable to course number you choose.


Are there any other forms that will be required?

Nope!  Once you fill out the Internship Learning Contract and have it signed by your faculty mentor, the paperwork will be complete.  You won’t have to take any forms with you to your employer, unless specifically requested by them.