Anthropology 2020 Virtual Graduation Celebration

Image of raining motorboards

The Anthropology Department’s faculty and staff will host a virtual Graduation Celebration in honor of all our graduates. The Anthropology event will be asynchronous, accessible from a special page on our website, and viewable the weekend of the UW Commencement (June 12-15). More details about it will follow. To make this a joyous celebration, please invite all your family and friends to view with you as we commemorate all of your accomplishments. In addition to participating in the celebration, you will receive a certificate in the mail as we try to express how honored we are that you have graduated from our department. We also ask you to submit a photograph of yourself so we can include it in a slide show that we are developing. 

Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey below by May 25th so we can make this a memorable experience for all: